What tools does the Stick Stand work with?

The Stick Stand has been designed to work with a wide variety of tools for home, garden, industrial and commercial cleaning and more.

It works well with most brooms, rakes, mops, garden hoes, shovels, paint rollers (with long handles attached) and more.

Leaf rakes and some other tools often require the optional Extension Accessory kit to be added to extend the Stick Stand leg length.  This is needed when the tool requires a higher mounting point for the Stick Stand. 


What diameter of handle can the Stick Stand be attached to?

The Stick Stand can be attached to a variety of tool handles up to 1.25 inches in diameter. The removable spacer can be used when attaching to smaller diameter handles. No tools are required to attach the Stick Stand. Some shovels have handles with a diameter larger than 1.25 inches and will not accommodate a Stick Stand. Please check your tool handles before purchasing your Stick Stand.


I am having problems getting the Thumbscrew (bolt) to thread into the nut when trying to attach the Stick Stand clamp around a handle.

The clamp is designed to allow the nut to pivot slightly to allow for varying clamp positions. Try using a screwdriver over ball point pen to push on the nut and adjust its position in line with the thumbscrew.

If you are still unable to get them to thread together then the nut or thumbscrew may have damaged threads. Please contact us for replacement parts.


What height and orientation should I attach the Stick Stand at?

This can vary from tool to tool. Generally you should extend the legs and then adjust the mounting height so that the tool handle is at a similar angle to the floor as the Stick Stand legs. You may have to adjust this slightly to allow the Stick Stand to extend and retract without interference from the tool head.

In most cases, tools that you pull towards you (rakes) should have the Stick Stand mounted on the side facing away from the ground and tools that you push away from you (shovels) should have the Stick Stand mounted on the side of the handle that faces towards the ground during use.

Ultimately, you may have to play around with the mounting position to find what works best for the tool it is being mounted on.